38 Mothers Project - Ally, Mother, sister, travel manager | Kingscliff - Gold Coast Photographer

“I never take a day for granted that I am have been so lucky to be able to have a child.” The journey to motherhood is not always easy or straightforward “I now truly appreciate how hard it is to become pregnant, and then also to be a mum!” 

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38 Mothers Project - Fiona, Mother, sister, production supervisor | Kingscliff - Gold Coast Photographer

Family is everything for Fiona - “having my daughter was the best thing that has happened in my life. Parenthood is a gift and a blessing. I am so proud of the mother I am becoming. My husband is my rock, and our family is my universe”.

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38 Mothers Project - Sarah, 40 yr Mother, Small Business Owner, and creative florist | Kingscliff - Gold Coast Photographer

Sarah knows her “number one priority is looking after these two little people who need and want me for everything.  I am their world and they look up to me.“ She was thrilled to be photographed in her portrait session.

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38 Mothers Project: ReLaunched | Kingscliff - Gold Coast Photographer

The exciting 38 Mothers Project took a 4-6 week pause, giving my wife and I time to welcome our first child, a baby boy we named Alexander. He was born on my birthday (yay!) and still gets called Roo quite a lot too.

Having had over a month now to get familiar with our little guy's needs and routines, it's time to reopen the 38 Mothers Project...

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38 Mothers Project - Amber, 39 yr Mother, Teacher, Triathlete, and Ironwoman | Kingscliff - Gold Coast Photographer

Amber is a friendly and driven woman. She is the proud mother of two teenagers active in their local surf lifesaving club, a teacher, tutor, a cyclist, triathlete and an ironwoman.

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38 Mothers Project - Honouring Mothers | Kingscliff - Gold Coast Photographer

I'm searching for 38 mothers, each with their own story.

To celebrate the upcoming birth of our first baby, in my 38th year, I will be photographing 38 Mothers to bring to light the wonders and challenges of motherhood, to celebrate them and their unique journey. I'm calling it the "38 Mothers Project".

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