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“The days are long, but the years are short!” This short phrase shows a lot about the positive perspective Ally has on life and it shows when you first meet her. Ally is considerate, compassionate and describes herself as a giver… always putting others before herself.


When Ally applied to participate in the 38 Mothers Project at Adam Stone Photography, she realised “I really am not in that many photos, and now it is time!” to exist in photos.

Over the years Ally has loved “creating precious priceless memories” for her sister Fiona, and describes how she is “always taking pics of my sister and my niece (our babies are 7 months apart) as I know how hard it is to get pics of mums and their babies.”


Ally knows all too well that how quickly time is flying by and that “in the blink of an eye my son has grown from a baby to a toddler way too fast!” While she knows the importance of capturing the moments in time, Ally hardly has any pictures of herself, as she is “the one taking a million pics of everyone but me and my son”.


Ally was not even sure that she wanted children - “all my life I have never actually been maternal and was not sure if I even wanted kids.” However, she had pondered motherhood and decided to “give it a crack before it was too late (I had Levi my son at 39).” This momentous decision to have children has made Ally realise that “I wouldn't have it any other way - being a mum is the best thing that ever happened to me!” 



When asked what motherhood meant for Ally, she described “eternal love and happiness.” There is nothing more special than “taking my son the to the park and seeing his face light up with smiles of joy.” On reflecting on what she admired about her own mother was that she always encouraged her to “believe in yourself.”


Ally is a mother to her 22 month old son who is the light of her life. “I never take a day for granted, and now realise how lucky I have been to be able to have a child.” The journey to motherhood is not always easy or straightforward “I now truly appreciate how hard it is to become pregnant, and then also to be a mum!” 

Ally often finds herself drawing upon her natural positiveness and inner strength. "Nothing is too hard and I will always find something positive even in the darkest light".



Many mothers can relate to being selfless like Ally, “I always put myself last. I put my son and husband and family first, always, this is just typical me. I am a giver, not a taker.” However, it is important for any mother to actually take some time for herself, whether that be getting their hair done or going out for lunches with my girlfriends “who mostly are mums so we can all share stories and support each other.”


The 38 Mothers Project was a perfect opportunity for Ally to get dressed up and spend a fun morning with her sister and get some beautiful portraits to show off her natural beauty in our Kingscliff beach portrait studio.


On the day of the photoshoot, Ally arrived to our Portrait Studio with her sister Fiona and they were excited and full of energy about the photoshoot. Ally wanted to capture her casual style which her reflects her easy going nature; but she was more than game to try out a few glamour styled outfits while Fiona took control of the hair dryer to give the "wind in the hair" effect.


Fiona and Ally were excited to make a fun night of their Portrait Reveal & Ordering session and so had their favourite bubbles chilling when I arrived. They were delighted to see their behind the scenes video and loved their printed portraits so much they found it difficult to narrow down their favourites. Ally really enjoyed the casual portraits of her and they both loved the playfulness of the impromptu addition of the tulle skirt.

See the video of their portrait session

It was really great to meet Ally and have the opportunity to create a series of portraits she'll treasure. I've since become a father and am encouraged to remember how precious and fleeting these early moments are as our little boy grows.

Thanks for sharing your story Ally. I hope you find yourself more often in front of the camera with your growing boy as the years roll by.


Thank you to Ashlee of Ashlee McDonald Makeup & Hair for doing beautiful hair & makeup at our Portraits Studio in Kingscliff Beach.

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