38 Mothers Project - Sarah, 40 yr Mother, Small Business Owner, and creative florist | Kingscliff - Gold Coast Photographer

“I am naturally an energetic person and love to be busy doing all sorts of projects.  I also love to socialise … and if I get a weekend job to do some styling or florist work - that feels amazing!”


Sarah is a busy mum to two beautiful little people and her focus on them often leaves little time for herself. With her husband often working long hours, and none of her own family living in Australia, Sarah knows her “number one priority is looking after these two little people who need and want me for everything.  I am their world and they look up to me.“

“Nothing can prepare you for the immense joy motherhood brings, so pure and simple in all its glory.”  Seeing your youngest child's toothy grin as they proudly learn to walk, toddling around the room on their chubby little legs. “Seeing your children learn about the big, wide world around them and grow up to become grounded, happy and well adjusted adults.”

Sarah encourages us to take the time to laugh, cry, smile, teach, and explore the world with them.


For Sarah, the focus on her children is at times mentally & physically exhausting and has resulted in exercise taking a backseat over the last two years. With low energy levels combines with the prolonged lack of sleep - chocolate & biscuits become all too inviting. While Sarah doesn’t necessarily avoid photographs, at times she is finding herself heavily criticising what she sees in photographs of herself.

Sarah reached a turning point quite recently and has already started to make changes. They live in a very hilly area and so Sarah has “ditched using the car” and instead gets out power-walking with her two littlies in the double pram whenever possible. This simple change has immensely improved energy levels. “I have even started up reformer Pilates classes this week”. “New or ‘old’ me here I come!” “Seeing this 38 Mothers Project couldn't have come at a better time.”


Sarah turned 40 at the end of last year and had children a little later in life.  Since then, her life is full up with nappies, food preparation, endless loads of washing, house tidying after the “children tornado”... “It feels like groundhog day every single day.

Sarah has appreciated there was a need to refocus onto the needs of her family and this can be a challenge: “I feel like our relationship has become more about parenting the children at this stage in our lives, than being who we were at the beginning when we first met.” Sarah is “learning to slow down and not try to do it all myself.”

Sarah reflects, in the middle of all the chaos “I just need a little help to rediscover who I am as a person”.


Sarah is a creative soul and self-employed and so her passion has driven her to complete a Trade Certificate III in Floristry. She set up her own small vintage prop hire & styling business five years ago and recently set up her new business, The Posy Room, to start taking on floristry work. Since having baby number two, work has taken a huge backseat. “Now I am the point when I am really ready to get back into things.”


Sarah's mum was a beautiful, happy (and slightly scatty!) person who was always there for her.  She was caring, nurturing and always made everyone, including Sarah's friends, feel so welcome.

"I feel like I didn't always appreciate my mum when I was younger.  She sadly passed away with cancer when I was in my early 30's, before I got married and had my gorgeous children. Seeing her take her last breath and pass away in front of me was the darkest moment in my life."

Sarah is now a stay at home mum with a small side business and realises just how much her own mum gave up to look after her sister, brother and herself.

"My passion is for cooking & baking, having friends and family over for meals or a cuppa. So, I guess a little part of her really does live on."


When Sarah was 30 weeks pregnant with their first child, her husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer, leaving them with a tiny window to try for baby number two. After a successful surgery, they ended up having to go through IVF and “it was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do”.

The endless blood tests, injections, scans, intrusive internals, hope, joy, loss and pain on that emotional roller coaster for 16 months was the most intense thing Sarah has had to go through. However, “we got there and have our beautiful rainbow baby girl.  For this I am eternally grateful.”

Sarah and her husband are very positive people and although they’ve had tough periods in their lives, “we know there is always someone worse off”.

“Losing my mum and going through IVF has definitely made me a stronger person and appreciate the small things in life that little bit more.”


For her Portrait session, Sarah said it feels so good to actually take a bit of time to have her hair & make up done and she was looking forward to some adult company without little kids and the chance to talk about "grown up" things. Sarah enjoyed being pampered by our professional Hair & Makeup artist Monika Dolata while sipping bubbles, and says "it was a lovely experience and a lot of fun."

It was really great to meet Sarah and have the opportunity to create a series of portraits she'll treasure. I've since become a father and have been reminded to focus on the "the small moments".

Thanks for sharing your story Sarah. I wish you the best in helping your children to explore this wonderful world.


Thank you to Monika of MDGlamour for doing beautiful hair & makeup.

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