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Amber is a friendly and driven woman. She is the proud mother of two teenagers who are active in their local surf lifesaving club. As a teacher, tutoring friend's kids when needed, cyclist, triathlete and an ironwoman, Amber believes "women and girls in sport need role models."


The 38 Mothers Project is an opportunity for mothers to celebrate their journey, take a little time for themselves, to exist in beautiful photographs, and share their story. Each mother was chosen because they had a story which I felt others could relate to - in challenging or inspirational ways. As life isn’t always easy and it makes a big difference in how we handle what life deals us. Amber explained that 2.5 years after her divorce, she is excited about sharing her story to inspire others to live a full life. “I feel that no matter what life throws at you, you can have it all (just the “all” may need to change). Women and girls in sport need role models; role models who are mums that prove it can all fit in with life.


When applying to be a part of the 38 Mothers Project, Amber explained that she only has printed photos of her children and a few of her grandmother (Nan) in the house.
For Amber, her grandmother was the role model she is inspired by.  “I learned quite a lot from my grandmother, she was the most caring woman in the world - she would give everything to help anyone and everyone out. Her dedication to helping others is amazing, and I learned that from her.


Amber recently jetted off for a two week cycle training vacation with a friend in Boulder, USA. As fun as her trip was, it was the first time away from her 2 teenagers for a two week stretch. Amber was glad to be home and see them again.

When she returned to Australia and came into our photography studio for her portrait session, I quickly understood just how passionate Amber is about her the sport of triathlon and cycling. While both these pursuits require a lot of commitment, dedication and focus, it was clear to me she is most proud of her children and their achievements. Amber gives her all to family, work and fun in her life.


In the past 2.5 years since her divorce, Amber stepped back from her involvement in surf lifesaving club, to focus on her children and triathlon while taking time to think. She discovered how at times other people struggled to understand her challenge of dealing with the separation and balancing a busy training schedule. She says at times “I take things to heart, and I’m stubborn - a little too much at times.

It’s a balancing act, but Amber loves her full life. “I had my children younger than most - when I was 23 and 26 years old, and so I’ve found I don't fit in with the other school mums with kids my age 17 & 14. I work full time and always have, I cycle, compete in triathlons (have completed 2 Ironmans) … all as a mum.


When Amber found her place was too small, she made the determined choice to buy an apartment with space for her children. This would be closer to school for them, and when they were thrilled to have won the apartment at auction, Amber’s grit and determination kicked in - "I'll find a way to make it work!"

Sharing time between mum’s apartment and dad’s place was an adjustment for everyone, and Amber quickly discovered she valued the time she found for herself. It gave her opportunity to step up in her triathlon training as a way for her to focus on herself and prove to herself that she can achieve anything she sets her mind to


Amber is a busy woman - balancing full time work as Primary School Teacher at an Independent Private school, tutoring friend's kids as needed, spending time out with friends, raising two teenagers, and triathlon training. Amber strives to provide the best she can for her children, while her children split time between both parents homes. “While I love cycling and triathlons so much - the last 2 years have been a little sporadic, after our separation and divorce. But now I feel like cycling and triathlons are so much of my life and from that I have so many friends that are 'mine', not ours. I love it!

With 2 Ironmans under her belt, each an achievement in their own right, Amber outlines what motherhood means to her – “My children are the main parts of life I feel I have successfully achieved. They are independent, resilient, persistent, empathetic and socially aware kids. They participate and lead at our surf club, school and my daughter has held a job down for 3 years. My biggest supporters are my friends, and raising independent children, to catch public transport, help out with chores and do their best.”


When asked about the the last time she felt beautiful, Amber confided, “I feel beautiful sometimes. I have my moments”. Although Amber sees herself as “friendly and driven” she admits "I am often shy when I first meet people.” She is more than ok to speak for hours in front of children at school, but her shyness makes it challenging to do the same in front of adults.


Amber was slightly nervous before her session - “I am not photogenic and photos seem to show every line, wrinkle and roll."  She later reflected on her portrait experience: “Thanks for a fun afternoon and chat, photos, pushing me out of my comfort zone but making me comfortable. Thank you for your time, energy and enthusiasm. You made the day enjoyable and achieved some amazing photos. You were easy to talk to too and made the whole process from start to finish so easy.”

It was wonderful to meet Amber and watch her shine during her portrait session. At the time, I was only weeks away from becoming a dad myself, and was encouraged to meet someone who just stepped up into the saddle when life's road took unexpected twists. You have bounced back Amber, and are creating your own full life which is a inspiring example to your children.


Thank you to Monika of MDGlamour for doing beautiful hair & makeup.


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