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I'm searching for 38 mothers, each with their own story.


To celebrate the upcoming birth of our first baby, in my 38th year, I will be photographing 38 Mothers to bring to light the wonders and challenges of motherhood, to celebrate them and their unique journey. I'm calling it the "38 Mothers Project".  

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Since the word got out that my wife is pregnant, there has been a steady flow of suggestions and "friendly advice" on what we "should" do. Don't drink coffee. When will you stop work? Don't bother with baby classes. Have you kitted out a nursery? Don't bulk up on nappies too early as he'll grow quickly... It's possible to feel pressure that "maybe we are doing it wrong". This is all before our little guy has even taken his first breath.

The struggles of "getting it right" must continue as children grow up, while we are still needing to work, prepare meals, move house, help with homework, taxi to sports/hobbies, support their school ... the list goes on. We may look at those around us and feel that we are somehow "behind". Perhaps the children have "left the nest" and there is wonder as to what is next. One may be so busy in being a parent, that we may lose ourselves, not fully appreciating our value or take time to see the beauty in our life.

There are many women, and men, in our community who put in the hard yards at home, at work, and in our community raising children who bring hope to the future. All to often, they are the unsung heroes of sleepless nights, early mornings and endless nappy changes while putting on a brave face to meet the challenges of parenthood, work and serving our community. 

You are a daughter, wife, artist, girlfriend, grandmother, auntie, professional, carer, athlete, nurse, traveler, planner, stylist, accountant, mechanic, trainer, chef, counsellor, friend...

Wherever you are in your story, you are beautiful now. You are enough and I'd like to tell your story.

You have a unique story I'd love to help tell.

38 Mothers Project - Honouring Mothers

This is where I'll be choosing 38 mothers to have an opportunity to celebrate their journey, take a little time for themselves, to exist in beautiful photographs, and share their story. In doing so they can inspire others to see that they too are valued, loved and they are beautiful just the way they are. At least 10 places will be reserved for grandmothers who have stories of their own, another layer of motherhood.

Each lady will be pampered with professional hair and makeup, some bubbles and a photoshoot with me and my team in our Kingscliff Portrait Photography Studio ... all free of charge. You will also receive an 8x10" matted print of your favourite image with the option to purchase more (absolutely no obligation). I want to celebrate you and your life journey to this point. Join me and help me to tell your story which may inspire others to see they are not alone and are worth it.

Follow this link to an online questionnaire that will ask you questions about yourself, be as honest and as thorough as you can.  Submissions will be accepted until Friday 30th June 2017. You will be contacted to have a chat with me and to organise your session if you are one of the lucky 38.

I am so excited to embark on this project.  You can nominate yourself or a friend/mother/sister/aunt.  Feel free to share this post with your networks.

I look forward to hearing from you. 




- This is not a game of chance, successful submissions will be based on answers supplied via the online entry form.

- You must give Adam Stone Photography permission to re-tell your story (or part thereof) and use your images for promotional purposes after your session. You will receive a questionnaire after your session that will form part of your blog post for the 38 Mothers Project. Please call 0400267117 if you would like to discuss any concerns before submitting your application.

- Additional images will be available for sale but there is no obligation to purchase. You will receive pricing information in your welcome brochure.

- You are welcome to invite family members, friends, pets etc. to your session but there may be additional cost if hair and makeup is required.

- You are welcome to nominate someone for this project; however, you must notify them of your intention and supply their contact details in the online form.

- Acceptance into the project can not be redeemed for cash.